We partner exclusively with fee-only financial advisors, family offices and select high net worth individuals. We provide these investors with the opportunity to invest into highly-vetted properties in an effort to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns. These represent both existing properties with a value-add component as well as select development opportunities.


Ownership at Joint Venture Equity Partners has directly invested more than $200 million of joint venture equity into commercial real estate projects on behalf of our investors. This represents investments into over 40 single asset entities and multi-asset investment funds.


Most of our investors have been with us for over 10 years. In order to build long-lasting, successful relationships with our investor partners, we believe that transparency is key. We clearly communicate the business plan of each investment and clearly disclose all information related to fees and ownership. While we believe we provide some of the most competitive structures in the industry, our ultimate goal is to ensure that we understand the objectives, motivations and limitations of all parties, including both investors and developers.

Ownership invests in every investment beside investors in order to provide further alignment of interest.

Strategic Relationships

We have built relationships with expert developers and operators, which enables us to negotiate attractive opportunities and structures on behalf of our investor partners. Because these developers specialize in their asset types, we deliver diversification to our investors through these strategic relationships.

Diverse Asset Allocation

We offer a variety of investment types and opportunities to our clients. Our diverse portfolio of developer partners are experts in their asset types, including the development and operations of multifamily, industrial, retail, student housing, hospitality and land.